Marrakech Best Destination

in the very north of Morocco, the city of Tangier invites travelers. On its coasts where Mediterranean and Atlantic waters converge, you will discover an authentic city rocked by varied influences.

Stroll through Tanger la Blanche. Stroll through the streets lined with whitewashed houses and, like Matisse before you, like Delacroix too, let yourself be carried away by this dreamy air that emanates from the city. Lose yourself in the alleys of the great “Socco”; at the foot of the high walls of the “Kasbah”, admire the fortress which dominates the medina. Not far away is the “Sultan’s Palace” now dedicated to the arts of Morocco. Tangier also has Spanish influences with an arena that stands on the “Plaza de Torros”, not to mention the “Cervantès” theater built in 1913.