Marrakech Best Destination

Arteries bordered by palm trees, large business buildings and the Atlantic which opens onto the world: Casablanca is the economic lung of Morocco, a bustling metropolis constantly on the alert.

Modern infrastructures mingle with charming neighborhoods, between Arab-Muslim heritage and legacies of the colonial period. Discover all its nuances: take a walk in the medina, one of the latest in Morocco, cross the center and its art-deco buildings, reach the Hassan II mosque, a marvel of architecture built on water.

Let yourself be carried away by the festive side of the city. Enjoy the corniche, its clubs, festivals too: the Casablanca Festival, Jazzablanca or Tremplin L’Boulevard.

As for the coast, it is lined with beaches equipped for your comfort. On site, diving, jet-skiing or boating are all activities that enhance your stay.

In Casablanca, you never get bored! Between culture and relaxation, the white city is definitely not lacking in attractions.